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In a Medical-Legal arena, your clients’ long-term care needs may not always be readily apparent. Medical practitioners at the first point of service may lack the capacity to do comprehensive diagnosis and other required medical services, due to lack of understanding of the special needs of such patients

Experienced & Certified Medical Professionals

Our network of Physicians have extensive experience in handling Workers Compensation and Personal Injury cases. They undergo constant training to keep their knowledge up to date on the matters that are important for your client and you.

Service on Lien Basis

Our network on Physician offer their services on lien basis for both Personal Injury clients and Workers Compensation clients. We offer treatment options to denied workers compensation cases also.

One Stop Shop

Rather than tracking visits to multiple providers and waiting for documentation that may fall short, we offer a solution that provides qualified, one-stop medical service.

Improved and Secure Communication

Our secure technology platform provides seamless access to your client’s medical records and billing information as soon as they are available.

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